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July Wardrobe
The perfect example of reliability quality, this July Wardrobe has pleasant bronze color and is made of natural high-quality acacia. It will be a fine piece to add to your bedroom set. Convenient, stylish and spacious, July Wardrobe is the way to liven up your personal space and deal with your clothing storage problems. The wardrobe has four storage paces and four drawers in the bottom. It's a great solution for children bedroom!
859 AED
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Doors Wardrobe
With this wardrobe you will be easily able to meet all your daily needs. Made of fine, natural oak, this wardrobe can accomodate all your clothing and save space in your room due to its classic and reliable design. Simple compartments system allows you to comfortably and conveniently store your clothes and keep unnecessary mess out of your everyday life.
698 AED
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Kapri Wardrobe
Made of natural light oak, the Kapri Wardrobe aims to match all types and colors of furniture in your bedroom. Equipped with mirror doors, the wardrobe combines light and black colors and will look undeniably stylish in any interior. In terms of space, this wardrobe will be your ultimate solution for all storage issues. Wide and spacious, with plenty of compartments, the wardrobe allows your to store your clothes without having to look for a compromise. Also, the mirrors allow you to create a stylish look for your day on the spot.
757 AED
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Black Rose Wardrobe
If your closet is not big enough, the Black Rose Wardrobe will be a nice addition to your room’s interior. An attractive alternative storage option, this black wardrobe has a classic, strict and business-like appearance that will match practically any furniture bedroom piece. Crafted with glass and solid, durable wood, this wardrobe is wonderful in terms of saving space and adding a new touch to your bedroom.
2 086 AED
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Bolden Wardrobe
Bolden Wardrobe is a spacious wardrobe that can store all your clothing and linen. Classic and reliable, it will become a perfect solution for every room. The wardrobe is made of eco-friendly materials, the quality of wood allows you to keep your clothing fresh and in perfect shape. A fine investment in your style and comfort.
1 471 AED
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Karmen Oak Wardrobe 3 Door
With its light color scheme and mirror door, this wardrobe won't look too heavy in any interior. Spacious Karmen Oak Wardrobe has three doors and, therefore, three compartments for you to store your clothes in. The wardrobe is made of natural wood and eco-friendly materials, which allows you to store your clothes in a perfect shape. Karmen Oak Wardrobe provides you with stylish, convenient and useful addition to your bedroom.
899 AED
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Kentaki Wardrobe 4 Door
If you are looking for a compromise between beautiful design and comfort, this wardrobe is just what you need. With its imposing shape and style, it will serve as a fine decoration for your bedroom and at the same time it will offer you plenty of space for your clothing. Elegant mirror doors turn this wardrobe into your own private corner of beauty and style.
1 808 AED
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Koen 3 Door Wardrobe
Koen 3 Door Wardrobe is a perfect solution for an interior of almost any room. Classic design and a large amount of storage space make it perfect for corridors, bedrooms, and halls. Koen 3 Door Wardrobe was made to satisfy any clothing storage needs and will bring the feeling of warmth and security to your house. It has three compartments and two drawers, perfect for storing shoes and shoe accessories. Mirror door complements the functional design of a wardrobe.
998 AED
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New York 3-D Wardrobe
Bring a NYC appeal to your apartment or house! This wardrobe carries the spirit of old-school New York in its design and provides you with lots of storage space to meet all your needs. It will look great in the bedroom, bringing classy, elegant feeling to its interior and also will be perfect for corridor, offering plenty of space for storing coats, hats and scarves. Functional and time saving, this wardrobe embodies main values of The Big Apple and also adds comfort and warmth to your room.
740 AED
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Goods 1 - 9 on 9
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Select your armoire at Dubai Furniture Direct

Selecting a high quality armoire may prove to be a tricky affaire unless you know what to pay attention to before the purchase is made. We at Dubai Furniture Direct are always happy to consult and assist you.

The word "armoire" comes from French and dates back to the 16th century. It usually refers to any stand-alone cupboard that is used for storage of different things. Originally used to store weapons, later armoires began to be used to store mostly clothing and shoes. Nowadays they also widely used for keeping television sets, computers, and jewelry.

You may also know that armoires replaced trunks and, to lesser extent, chest drawers, making the storage of clothes more comfortable.

Nevertheless, today’s armoires are quite complicated from the design point of view. This is a very important piece of furniture that normally has to be able to be a place for storing both winter and summer clothes, skirts, trousers, shirts and underwear.


Types of armoires

Modern armoires vary intensely in size and functionality.

  • Some of them are designed to store clothes only
  • Other armories are designed for TV sets and accessories, e.g. amplifiers, speakers, DVD players and even turntables.
  • There are smaller armories designed for housing computers, allowing to hide desktops or laptops when they are not in use.
  • Some women are often very fond of jewelry armories. These are usually smaller in size and can be a traditional two-door models or a regular chest of drawers.



Choosing the right armoire



The size and shape of armoires depend solely on their usage and functionality. Sometimes these pieces of furniture are also bought as antiques or reproductions. As much as they vary in types, armoires can be rich in detail or quite simplistic.
Major styles of armoires are Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XIII, Regency, Louis Philippe, Art Deco, and modern. What you choose for your home is often a question of personal preferences rather than functionality. In any case, we at Dubai Furniture will gladly consult you on the best options.

Armoire purchasing tips

Before you purchase your new armoire, the first thing you have to do is to take measurements of the space you intend to place it. It is also important to have sizes of any doors, entryways, and tight spaces it will have to go through.
If you plan to buy it for a television set, entertainment center or a computer, take measurements of your electronic devices as well.
It is equally important to select style. A room with light and modern furniture is not the best fit for a heavy gothic armoire.

Finally, choose quality over savings. A cheap and poorly made armoire will not last long and will most likely fall apart very quickly. You want quality materials, and always that means higher prices.